About Restoration Gardens Inc. – Consulting on Residential and Commercial Green Roofs

Restoration Gardens Inc. has transitioned to a green roof consulting company offered by Leslie Doyle, LEED AP, GRP.  For 10 years, RGI was a full service company for both commercial and residential green roofs led by Leslie.  Leslie has extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining various types of green roofs throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario.  

Restoration Gardens Inc. emphasizes ecological design and sustainable construction practices in our green roofs.  We strive to create green roof systems that efficiently integrate with related building systems, including water and energy usage.  

For homeowners, Restoration Gardens Inc. will work directly with you or your architect to design a unique green roof suited to your site, aesthetic and functional desires and budget. All green roofs require maintenance. RGI can design a roof to take your desired level of effort into account to ensure you get the most out of your green roof.  

For the do-it-yourself builder, check out Leslie’s book here to find helpful step-by-step instructions for planning and construction. If you need further assistance, please reach out for additional consulting services.  

For architects, landscape architects and contractors, Restoration Gardens Inc. can help you achieve your client’s goals.  We offer design assistance and reviews, written maintenance plans and guidance with permit applications.

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