At Restoration Gardens Inc., we aim to integrate more than just the word ‘green’ in your green roof build.  Working in collaboration with engineers, architects and contractors, RGI aims to create durable, unique green roofs that have a strong foundation built on principles of environmental sustainability; from the design process straight through to completion and ongoing maintenance.  Design decisions, material choices, systems integration and waste diversion are all important aspects of our builds.  We believe that in projects of all sizes, various measures can be taken to reduce the impact of the build while integrating nature into your life and creating an everlasting roof oasis.

In addition to their private benefits, green roofs contribute greatly to social sustainability.  At RGI we strive to work with individuals and organizations to build green roofs that enhance urban biodiversity and make stronger, sustainable communities.  Together we can restore nature in the built environment.

Hacienda Sarria Green Roof